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Earth Sciences > Geology > AC Crossroads of Earth Resources and Society
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EPS/LS 170AC Crossroads of Earth Resources and Society

02:00-3:30 PM | 277 Cory
Instructor George Brimhall

EPS 170AC: Crossroads of Earth Resources and Society - Spring 2006. Intersection of geological processes with American cultures in the past, present, and future. Overview of ethnogeology including traditional knowledge of sources and uses of earth materials and their cultural influences today. Scientific approach to study of tectonic controls on the genesis and global distribution of energy fuels, metals, and industrial minerals. Evolution and diversity of opinion in attitudes about resource development, environmental management, and conservation on public, private, and tribal lands. Impending crisis in renewable energy and the imperative of resource literacy.

Lecture Archive

        Tue 1/17 Roadmap of Class - Lecture missed due to technical difficulties
    Thu 1/19 The Great Basin During the Holocene and Peopleing the Land
    Tue 1/24 A Country of Illusion
    Thu 1/26 Native American Attitudes About Earth and Environment
    Tue 1/31 How the Scientific Method Works
    Thu 2/2 Colonialism issues in California: Spanish, Mexico, Russian
    Tue 2/7 The California Gold Rush of 1849
    Thu 2/9 Chinese in the Gold Rush
    Tue 2/14 Geronimo and the San Carlos Apaches of Arizona
    Thu 2/16 South Dakota Gold Rush and The Battle of the Little Big Horn of 1876
    Tue 2/21 How the West Was Won and Lost: Impact of Federal Policies
    Thu 2/23 Role of Governmental Agencies in Land Management and Scientific Support
        Tue 2/28 No Podcast Available
        Thu 3/2 Midterm Review - No Lecture
        Tue 3/7 Midterm 1 - No Lecture
        Thu 3/9 No Lecture - Midterms Being Graded
    Tue 3/14 Misuse of Land
    Thu 3/16 Class Interview with Taeko Okamura
    Tue 3/21 How to Conduct a Research Project and Do an Effective Poster
    Thu 3/23 Nuclear Fuels
        Tue 3/28 Spring Recess
        Thu 3/30 Spring Recess
    Tue 4/4 Manifest Destiny I: One Interpretation of the Westward Movement
        Thu 4/6 No Lecture
    Tue 4/11 Activism Today by Sylvia McLauglin, Leader of Save the Bay
        Thu 4/13 (pocast Not Available) Role of the Military in Resolution of Global Issues and World Peace
        Tue 4/18 (Podcast Not Available) The Future of Oil Exploration: Joe Stefani (Chevron), Guest Lecturer
    Thu 4/20 Resource Development
        Tue 4/25 (No Podcast) Movie of Poster Presenters & Discussion
    Thu 4/27 Resources Literacy
    Tue 5/2 Corporations and Earth Resources
        Thu 5/4 (No Podcast Available) Urban and Public Land Use Issues
        Tue 5/9 No Podcast   Tell A Friend