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Medicine > Pediatrics, Obstetrics > Newborn presentations
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Newborn presentations


01. physical examination of the newborn.

02. Estimation of gestational age ...

03. Physiology of. organ adaptation. after birth.

04. Postnatal adaptation 05. Fetal circulation

06. Neonatal circulation

07. Characteristics of hemodynamics

08. Characteristics of lung function

09. Kidney development

Newborn and infant murmurs

Newborn and Infants Murmurs ....

No adverse physiology.

VSD, small to moderate. PDA, small to moderate.

ASD. Coarctation of aorta, ... balloon dilation.

Common Disorders and Management in NewbornPhysiology

– RBCs have shortened life span.

– Erythrocyte precursors degrade post birth ....

---Train birth attendants to identify problems in the newborn, ...

Distinguishing Characteristics of Neonatal

Distinguishing Characteristics of Neonatal Physiology.

High oxygen consumption;

Dependence on heart rate to maintain CO and BP;

Large extracellular fluid ...   Tell A Friend