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Social Studies > History > The Ancient Mediterranean World
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History 4A The Ancient Mediterranean World

04:00-5:30 PM | 159 Mulford
Instructor Isabelle Pafford

History 4A - Fall 2007

Lecture Archive

Mon 8/27 Introduction - Podcast Not Available
    Wed 8/29 Villages, Cities, Empires: From Sumer to the Hittites - Podcast Not Available
    Mon 9/3 Labor Day
Wed 9/5 Egypt: From Unification to the Middle Kingdom, c. 3200-1500 BC
Mon 9/10 New Kingdom Egypt: State and Society, c. 1500-1000 BC
Wed 9/12 Small States and Big Empires: The Ancient Near East, c. 1600-610 BC
Mon 9/17 The Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid Empires, to 499 BC
Wed 9/19 Archaeology, Myth, and History: the Minoan and Mycenaean Worlds
Mon 9/24 Dark Age, Recovery, and Expansion, c. 1000-600 BC
Wed 9/26 Social and Political Organization in the Archaic Period, c. 700-500 BC.
Mon 10/1 Cleisthenes, the Achaemenid Empire, and the Greeks, 510-479 BC
Wed 10/3 Philosophy and Religion in the Classical Greek World
Mon 10/8 Daily Life in the Classical Greek World: Economy and Society
Wed 10/10 Democracy and Empire in Classical Athens
Mon 10/15 The Peloponnesian War, and the Rise of Macedon, 431-338 BC
Wed 10/17 Alexander the Great
    Mon 10/22 Midterm
Wed 10/24 The Roman World - State and Society in the Hellenistic World
Mon 10/29 Early Rome: Social Conflicts and the Conquest of Italy, c. 700-265 BC
Wed 10/31 The Conquest of the Mediterranean
Mon 11/5 The Impact of Empire: Culture and Politics from the Mid-Republic to 62 BC
Wed 11/7 Violence and Civil War: The Fall of the Roman Republic
    Mon 11/12 Veterans Day
Wed 11/14 Monarchy at Rome: The Age of Augustus
Mon 11/19 Monarchy and Empire
    Wed 11/21 Thanksgiving Holiday
Mon 11/26 State and Society in the High Roman Empire
Wed 11/28 Crisis and Recovery, AD 161-337
Mon 12/3 The Roman State and the Christian Church
Wed 12/5 The Later Roman Empire
Mon 12/10 Twilight in the West   Tell A Friend