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Social Studies > Science, Technology, and Society > History of Information
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InfoSys C103 History of Information

04:00-5:30 PM | 277 Cory
Instructor Paul Duguid

InfoSys C103: History of Information - Fall 2006. This course explores the history of information and associated technologies, uncovering why we think of ours as 'the information age.' We will select moments in the evolution of production, recording, and storage from the earliest writing systems to the world of Short Message Service (SMS) and blogs. In every instance, we'll be concerned with both what and when and how and why, and we will keep returning to the question of technological determinism: how do technological developments affect society and vice versa?

Lecture Archive

  Mon 8/28 Introduction: On Information
  Wed 8/30 On Determinism
      Mon 9/4 InfoSys 103: Lecture 3 - Holiday
  Wed 9/6 Writing Systems
  Mon 9/11 Written Mentalities
  Wed 9/13 Manuscript Cultures
  Mon 9/18 Storing and Retrieving
  Wed 9/20 Print, Printing and Print Culture
  Mon 9/25 Book Writing and Wall Writing
  Wed 9/27 18th Century Public Sphere: Early Newspaper, Coffee Houses, Political Discourse
  Mon 10/2 Science, Statistics, Certainty
  Wed 10/4 Forms of Authority: Reference Books, Museum, Libraries
  Mon 10/9 Information Work
  Wed 10/11 Dawn of the Information Economy
  Mon 10/16 19th Century Public Sphere: Mass Communication
  Wed 10/18 19th Century Public Sphere: Mass Communication (con't)
  Mon 10/23 Time and Space: Point to Point
  Wed 10/25 Propaganda
  Mon 10/30 Office Automation, ERP
  Wed 11/1 Post Office
  Mon 11/6 Broadcast
  Wed 11/8 Broadcast -con't - Advertising: Branded Goods, Branding Information
  Mon 11/13 Intellectual Property: Owning Information
  Wed 11/15 Advertising - con't
  Mon 11/20 Internet and Information Literacy
      Wed 11/22 Reading Class (podcast not available)
  Mon 11/27 Open Source
  Wed 11/29 Search, Storage and Retrieval
  Mon 12/4 20th Century Public Sphere
  Wed 12/6 Utopia   Tell A Friend