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Natural Sciences > Physics > Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science (Two
 Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science (Two   posted by  boym   on 4/19/2008  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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History 181B Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science (Two Day Delay)

02:00-3:00 PM | 3 Le Conte
Instructor Cathryn Carson

History 181B - Spring 2008 - Establishment of the ideas and institutions of modern physics. Undoing the classical world picture: radioactivity, Einstein, quantum mechanics, philosophical disputes. The evolving structure of the discipline, links with industry and government, World War II and the atomic bomb. Postwar conceptual consolidation and the emergence of big science.

Lecture Archive

  Wed 1/23 Introduction and overview
  Fri 1/25 Natural philosophy and mechanical explanation
  Mon 1/28 New mechanical principles
  Wed 1/30 Thermodynamics
  Fri 2/1 Electricity and magnetism
  Mon 2/4 Electromagnetism
  Wed 2/6 Making sense of Maxwell
  Fri 2/8 Classical world pictures 1
  Mon 2/11 Classical world pictures 2
  Wed 2/13 Kinetic theory and statistical mechanics
  Fri 2/15 Empires of science
      Mon 2/18 Presidents Day
  Wed 2/20 New radiations, new phenomena 1
  Fri 2/22 New radiations, new phenomena 2
  Mon 2/25 Radiation problems
  Wed 2/27 The quantum
  Fri 2/29 Einstein and relativity 1
  Mon 3/3 Einstein and relativity 2
  Wed 3/5 Einstein and relativity 3
  Fri 3/7 General relativity and beyond
      Mon 3/10 Midterm
  Wed 3/12 Atomic physics
  Fri 3/14 The old quantum theory of atomic structure
  Mon 3/17 Making quantum mechanics 1
  Wed 3/19 Making quantum mechanics 2
  Fri 3/21 Making sense of quantum mechanics
      Mon 3/24 Spring Break
      Wed 3/26 Spring Break
      Fri 3/28 Spring Break
  Mon 3/31 Making use of quantum mechanics
  Wed 4/2 The solid state
      Fri 4/4 No Lecture
  Mon 4/7 Quantum Fields
  Wed 4/9 Quantum particles
  Fri 4/11 Advancing physics at home
  Mon 4/14 Nuclear physics
  Wed 4/16 The threats of the 30s
      Fri 4/18 Physics under National Socialism
      Mon 4/21 The physicists war
      Wed 4/23 Fission as a weapon
      Fri 4/25 Physics, politics, and the state
      Mon 4/28 Rethinking quantum field theory
      Wed 4/30 Renormalization
      Fri 5/2 The Standard Model
      Mon 5/5 And beyond
      Wed 5/7 Astrophysics and cosmology
      Fri 5/9 Simplicity and complexity
      Mon 5/12 Possible worlds and alternate histories   Tell A Friend