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Earth Sciences > Geology > Earthquakes in Your Backyard
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EPS 20 Earthquakes in Your Backyard

11:00-12:00 PM | A1 Hearst Annex
Instructor Richard Allen

EPS 20: Earthquakes in Your Backyard - Fall 2006. The goal of this class is to inform future leaders of our society about the various hazards associated with earthquakes and tsunamis. You will learn to evaluate scientific information, solve problems and influence policy through the use of case studies.

Lecture Archive

    Tue 8/29 California and Earthquake
    Thu 8/31 Hurricane Katrina: One Year On
    Tue 9/5 Future Earthquakes CS: The Hayward Temblor I
    Thu 9/7 Future Earthquakes CS: The Hayward Temblor II
        Tue 9/12 EPS 20: Lecutre 5 (Podcast Not Available)
    Thu 9/14 The 1906 Earthquake and Fire
        Tue 9/19 Faults: The Products of Earthquakes (Podcast Not Available)
    Thu 9/21 The Hayward and other Bay Area Faults, Guest Speaker: Ingrid Johansen
    Tue 9/26 Where Earthquakes Occur
    Thu 9/28 Plate Tectonics
    Tue 10/3 Building Up to an Earthquake
        Thu 10/5 MIDTERM I
    Tue 10/10 The North Korea Seismic Event
    Thu 10/12 Interpreting Seismograms
    Tue 10/17 Earthquake Intensity and Magnitude
        Thu 10/19 Earthquakes and Tsunamis CS: The Sumatra Event (Film - Podcast Not Available)
    Tue 10/24 Seismic Gaps and Creep
    Thu 10/26 Tsunamis, Volcanoes and Earthquakes
        Tue 10/31 No Lecture
        Thu 11/2 MIDTERM II
    Tue 11/7 BSL and Earthquake Monitoring, Guest Speaker: Peggy Hellweg
    Thu 11/9 Earthquake Prediction
    Tue 11/14 Earthquake Forecasting CS: Bay Area
    Thu 11/16 Earthquake Warning Systems
    Tue 11/21 Guest speaker: Rich Eisner (CA Office of Emergency Services) Catastrophic Disaster Response
        Thu 11/23 EPS 20: Lecture 26- Holiday
        Tue 11/28 Podcast Not Available
        Thu 11/30 Podcast Not Available
        Tue 12/5 Podcast Not Available
    Thu 12/7 Review: Your charge   Tell A Friend