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Astronomy 1010 

Astronomy 1010 Syllabus

Dr. John P. Pratt, Fall 2004

Description: A non-mathematical introduction to astronomy. It covers ancient and modern discoveries about the fantastic universe we live in. It is not limited to lectures, but emphasizes observing the sky, as well as using the planetarium. Includes exercises and a report.
In the summer, when sleeping out under the stars, the student will still be able to find and name several stars, constellations, planets, double stars, star clusters, nebulae, the Milky Way,another galaxy, and even one cluster of galaxies, remembering some interesting things about each.
Text Book:
(third edition) by John D. Fix. This is an excellent text. READ the CHAPTERS BEFOREHAND!
Dr. John P. Pratt (prof at johnpratt dot com; no phone nor office.)

Schedule: See Astronomy Class Schedule.

Notes, Assignments, Handouts: found at under Astronomy.

Grade: Tests (250 pts); Homework (125 pts); Written Report (50 pts); choice of Astrolab = 25 pts, oral report = 50 pts, field trip = 50 pts, optional exercises = 50 pts, (75 pts + 20 extra credit). Graded on curve, 500 pts possible.

Tests: Three tests will be given on the material covered in class. Anything not in the text will be in notes on my web site. The first two tests (75 pts each) are at the Testing Center, the Final (100 pts) is in class. The Final will have 75 pts from new material, 25 from earlier.

Homework: Five homework assignments are required, due as on class schedule. Half credit will be given for late homework.

Report: One 3-5 page report written by the student is required, which may optionally be presented orally to the class. The topic may either be on a subject covered in class (see class schedule), or any subject in astronomy. If presented to the class (up to 5 minutes), it must be approved in advance (only one oral report per subject), and it must be on the day of the lecture on that subject. If written only, it is due one week after we cover that topic in class.

Astrolab: Dr. John Powell holds star labs in the Planetarium (SB 206) in the evenings, at times to be announced (paid by lab fees). If you attend this lab, return a slip signed by him.

Field Trip The student may attend one optional field trip to a dark site west of the valley. Location and dates will be posted on WebCT a day or so in advance. The student must provide transportation and must sign waiver releasing UVSC of responsibility. Bring coat and binoculars if possible.

Astronomy 1010 Schedule

Dr. John P. Pratt, Fall 2004

2004 Date Chap. Subject
Wed 25 Aug Introduction to course, book, and scientific method
Fri 27 Aug - Mon 30 Aug 1 Journey's Start
Wed 1 Sep - Fri 3 Sep 2 Patterns in the Sky
Wed 8 Sep - Fri 10 Sep 3 Ancient Astronomy
Mon 13 Sep - Wed 15 Sep 4 Renaissance Astronomy
Fri 17 Sep - Mon 20 Sep 5 Gravity and Motion
Wed 22 Sep - Fri 24 Sep 6 Light and Telescopes
Mon 27 Sep   Review Chapters 1-6. Exercise 1 due. (Stellar Motion)
Mon 27 Sep- Sat 2 Oct   FIRST TEST (Testing Center).
Wed 29 Sep - Fri 1 Oct 7 The Solar System
Mon 4 Oct 8 Earth
Wed 6 Oct 9 Moon
Fri 8 Oct - Mon 11 Oct 10 Mercury and Venus
Wed 13 Oct 11 Mars
Fri 15 Oct - Mon 18 Oct 12 Jupiter & Saturn
Wed 20 Oct 13 Outer Planets
Fri 22 Oct 14 Satellites
Mon 25 Oct - Wed 27 Oct 15 Meteorites, Asteroids, Comets
Thu 28 Oct - Fri 29 Oct   FALL BREAK!
Mon 1 Nov   Review chapters 7-15. Exercise 2 due. (Altitude of Polaris)
Mon 1 Nov- Sat 6 Nov   SECOND TEST (Testing Center).
Wed 3 Nov - Fri 5 Nov 16 Properties of Stars
Mon 8 Nov - Wed 10 Nov 17 The Sun
Fri 12 Nov - Mon 15 Nov 18 Birth of Stars & Planets
Wed 17 Nov - Fri 19 Nov 19 Life of Stars. Exercise 3 due. (Constellations)
Mon 22 Nov - Mon 29 Nov 20 Death of Stars
Wed 24 Nov - Fri 26 Nov   THANKSGIVING BREAK
Wed 1 Dec 21 Binary Stars. Exercise 4 due. (HR Diagram)
Fri 3 Dec 22 Our Milky Way Galaxy
Mon 6 Dec 23 Galaxies. Exercise 5 and all else due. (Star Quiz)
Wed 8 Dec   Review Chapters 16-23
Wed 15 Dec or Thu 16 Dec   FINAL TEST IN CLASS Regular (Wed or Thu) Class Time   Tell A Friend