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Natural Sciences > Statistics > Statistics for Laboratory Scientists II
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Statistics for Laboratory Scientists II

Spring 2006

A researcher at work



Karl Broman

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This course introduces the basic concepts and methods of statistics with applications in the experimental biological sciences. Demonstrates methods of exploring, organizing, and presenting data, and introduces the fundamentals of probability. Presents the foundations of statistical inference, including the concepts of parameters and estimates and the use of the likelihood function, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests. Topics include experimental design, linear regression, the analysis of two-way tables, sample size and power calculations, and a selection of the following: permutation tests, the bootstrap, survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, nonlinear regression, and logistic regression. Introduces and employs the freely-available statistical software, R, to explore and analyze data.


1 Goodness of Fit Lecture
2 Goodness of Fit, Multinomial Distribution Lecture
3 2x2 tables, Hypergeometric Distribution, Paired Data Lecture
4 r x k Tables, Sample Size Lecture
6 Variances; Introduction to ANOVA Lecture
7 ANOVA: Permutation Tests, Random Effects Lecture
8 ANOVA: Model Assumptions and Diagnostics Lecture
9 ANOVA: Multiple Comparisons Lecture
10 ANOVA: Non-parametric Methods Lecture
11 ANOVA: Nested Models Lecture
12 ANOVA: Two-Way Analysis of Variance Lecture
13 Simple Linear Regression Lecture
14 Regression and Correlation Lecture
15 Simple Linear Regression: Tests and Confidence Intervals Lecture
16 Simple Linear Regression: Prediction and Calibration Lecture
17 Multiple Linear Regression: Introduction Lecture
18 Multiple Linear Regression: Diagnostics Lecture
20 Non-Linear Regression Lecture
21 Logistic Regression Lecture   Tell A Friend