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Humanities > Education > Inclusive education: knowing what we mean
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Inclusive education: knowing what we mean



  • Introduction Resource
  • This unit introduces you to the contested area of educational inclusion. You will look at differing perspectives on inclusion, in particular the way that medical and social models have influenced and shaped...

1 Inclusive education: knowing what we mean

  • 1 Inclusive education: knowing what we mean Resource
  • There is no doubt that inclusive education is a contested area. Indeed, nationally and internationally, it is the focus of what Daniels has called ‘extraordinary debates concerning definition and ownership’...

2 Models of thinking

  • 2 Models of thinking Resource
  • In Section 1, you were asked to think about your own definitions of inclusive education. In Section 2, we show how personal experience of inclusion and exclusion has been a major driving force in the development...

3 Transforming learning

  • Who is to be included? Resource
  • Some critics have seen the focus on students with disabilities and difficulties in learning as distracting from the real issue, that is, the processes of inclusion and exclusion that leave many students,...
  • A broad view of inclusion Resource
  • Definitions of ‘inclusion’ and ‘inclusive education’, then, have moved away from a specific focus on disability towards a broader view that encompasses students from minority ethnic or linguistic groups,...
  • From integration to inclusion Resource
  • ‘Inclusive education’, then, goes beyond ‘integration’ – a term which, until the late 1990s, was generally used to describe the process of repositioning a child or groups of children in mainstream schools....
  • The Salamanca Statement Resource
  • In 1994 over 300 participants – including 92 governments and 25 international organisations – met in Salamanca, Spain, with the purpose of furthering the objectives of inclusive education. The resulting...
  • Centre for studies on inclusive education (CSIE) Resource
  • In an English context, the influence of the Salamanca Statement can be seen in the work of the Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE), which defines inclusive education as principally a human...


  • Summary Resource
  • Commentators (e.g. Pijl et al., 1997) have described inclusive education as ‘a global agenda’. The persistence of the forces that marginalise individuals or groups of learners, and also the models that...

References and Acknowledgements

  • References Resource
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