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Psych 130 Clinical Psychology

10:00-11:00 AM | 10 Evans
Instructor Ann Kring

Psych 130: Clinical Psychology - Spring 2006. Theoretical and empirical approaches to the explanation of psychological dysfunction. The relation between theories of psychopathology and theories of intervention. A critical evaluation of the effects of individual, family, and community approaches to therapeutic and preventive intervention. 

Lecture Archive

    Thu 1/19 History and Paradigms
    Tue 1/24 History and Paradigms (con't) (low audio)
    Thu 1/26 Diagnosis and Assessment
    Tue 1/31 Diagnosis and Assessment (con't)
    Thu 2/2 Research Methods
        Tue 2/7 Examination 1 - No Lecture
    Thu 2/9 Anxiety Disorders
    Tue 2/14 Anxiety Disorders (con't)
    Thu 2/16 Dissociative Disorders
    Tue 2/21 Stress and Health
        Thu 2/23 Lecture withheld upon request
    Tue 2/28 Eating Disorders
        Thu 3/2 Examination II - No Lecture
    Tue 3/7 Mood Disorders
    Thu 3/9 Mood Disorders (con't)
    Tue 3/14 Mood Disorders (con't)
    Thu 3/16 Substance Related Disorders
    Tue 3/21 Substance Related Disorders (con't)
    Thu 3/23 Personality Disorders
        Tue 3/28 Spring Recess
        Thu 3/30 Spring Recess
    Tue 4/4 Personality Disorders (con't)
        Thu 4/6 Examination III - No Lecture
    Tue 4/11 Schizophrenia
    Thu 4/13 Schizophrenia (con't)
    Tue 4/18 Schizophrenia (con't)
    Thu 4/20 Mental Health Sevices: Legal and Ethical Issues
        Tue 4/25 Film - No Lecture
    Thu 4/27 Developmental Disorders
    Tue 5/2 Developmental Disorders (con't - low audio first 2 minutes)
    Thu 5/4 Conclusion and Integration
        Tue 5/9 Examination IV (Final Exam)   Tell A Friend