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Earth Sciences > Energy Resources > The 21st Century Energy Challenge
 The 21st Century Energy Challenge  posted by  member150_php   on 4/3/2009  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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The 21st Century Energy Challenge

MAE 118B Lecture Notes

Winter 2008

Last updated 6 March 2008


The 21st Century Energy Challenge-Tynan.pdf 

Climate Change

Guest Lecture Greenhouse Effect-Gille.htm 

Blackbody Radiation and It’s Transport Through Gases 

Simple Model of the Earth’s Power Balance-Tynan.PDF 

Simple Model of Earth’s Power Balance – Lecture Notes (6 MB PDF) 

The Basics of Carbon Balance and Implications for Near-term C-Emission Contraints 

Integrated Model of Heat Balance, Carbon Balance, and Energy Demand 

Overview of Climate Neutral Energy Technologies

Estimating Need for and Overview of Climate-Neutral Energy Technologies 

Energy Return on Energy Invested 


Steady-state Analysis 

Heat Mining from Hot Rocks 

Solar PV Energy 

Intrinsic Limits on Conversion Efficiency 

Solar PV – Governing Equations for Solar Cells 

Solar PV – Estimating Charge Carrier Densities 

Solar PV – Model of an Ideal p-n Diode without Illumination 

Solar PV – Illuminated Diode; Performance of Real Cells & Links to Microscopic Behavior 


Wind Energy-Overview 

Why Wind Turbines Have a Maximum Operating Wind Speed 

Effects of Intermittent Generation 

Effect of Intermittent Wind and Solar PV Power Generation on Grid Integration 

Electrical Energy Storage 

Solar Thermal – Concentrated  

Solar Thermal Overview 


Overview of Biofuels – System Approach 

Net Energy Balance – Shapouri et al 2004 

Net Energy Balance – Pimentel and Patzek 2005 

Fuel Cells 

Fuel Cell Analysis - PEM as an Example 

Fuel Cell Operation and Types 

Hydrogen Economy 

H Economy Overview & Research Needs 

Nuclear Energy 

Nuclear Binding Energy and Energy Release 

Market Penetration and Abandonment Models 

How Do New (and Old) Technologies Move Into and Out of the Market – Introduction to the Fischer-Pry Replacement Model 

Application of Replacement Model to Primary Energy Technologies & Projections for Renewables 

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