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Earth Sciences > Geography > World Regional Geography: East Asia
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World Regional Geography: East Asia

Winter 2005


Joe Piwowar

Office Hours:

11:00 – 12:00 MWF
CL 339

Meeting Times:

9:30 – 10:20 MWF
CL 110

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Course Description

An introduction to the human and natural environments of the Earth from a geographical perspective.  The fundamental themes of human and physical geography are examined by focussing upon global issues and regional patterns.  Concepts are presented to introduce students to the diverse realms of human and physical geography leading to a greater understanding of the geographic content of our daily lives and our roles as global citizens.  Current issues and events are highlighted to reinforce theories and concepts presented in lectures.



de Blij, H. and P. Muller, 2004.  Concepts and Regions in Geography (2nd ed.).  New York:  Wiley. - available at the University Bookstore.

Department of Geography, 2004.  "Geography 100 Course Notes - 2005 Edition." - available from the Geography Office - CL 340.

Strongly Recommended

Goode's World Atlas - available at the University Bookstore.

Course Structure

The lectures are designed to provide you with content that will give you an understanding of the various topics we are covering throughout the text.  The lectures are independent from the text yet complementary, so attendance at the lectures is strongly encouraged.  The text is designed to provide you with the content and theory of World Regional issues.  The lectures are there to set those theories into a social and environmental context.  The course notes are full of relevant background material.  Together, these resources will help you develop a better understanding of the issues that affect the various regions on Earth.


Unit Quizzes - 60% (6 x 10%)

The course is divided into 6 different geographic realms.  These realms are described in separate chapters in the course texts and will be treated as individual units in the lectures.  Approximately one week after the end of each unit there will be a short in-class quiz.  Quiz dates will be announced in class.  Each quiz will be a combination of short answer and multiple-choice questions derived from the course text, course notes, and lectures.

Final Exam - 40% (April 27, 2005   9 a.m. - 12 p.m.)

The final exam will be a cumulative review of all the course material.


In lieu of the final exam, you may choose to write a Regional Geography Essay.  This essay will be due on April 25 and will be worth 40% of your final mark.  Click here for details.


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