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International Business Strategy

There are two sets of lecture materials. The Lecture Notes are written outlines of the topic. they are meant for self study. The Presentations are copies of PowerPoint slides used in lectures on the topic. They are related to the Lecture Notes but may differ in many material ways.


  • LECTURE 0: Introduction to International Business Management (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 0A: A Quick and Dirty Look at Growth and Development (PowerPoint 97 Format)
    • Presentation 0B: An Introduction to IBS Concepts (PowerPoint 97 Format)
    • Presentation 0C: The Economics of Globalization - 2007 (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 0CA: The Economics of Globalization - 2009 (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 0DA: The Basics of International Management - 2007 (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 0DB: The Basics of International Management - 2009 (PDF Format)
    • Examples of MNE Organizational Structure (PDF Format).
  • LECTURE 1: Theories of Foreign Direct Investment (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 1A : Entry Strategies (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 1B: Market Entry Strategies - 2009 (PDF Format). Includes FDI, Alliances and Licensing.

  • LECTURE 2: The Value Chain and International Business (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 2: Articulating Culture (PowerPoint 97 Format)
    • Presentation 3A: The Global Value Chain - 2007 (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 3B: The Global Value Chain - 2009 (PDF Format). Note that this includes Operations, Marketing, HRM and Finance. It replaces some of the more substantive lectures.
  • LECTURE 3: Move and Countermove in Global Industries (PDF Format)
  • LECTURE 4: Marketing in an International Business Context (PDF Format)
  • APPENDIX to LECTURE 4: Preferences in the International Automobile Market (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 4: Marketing in An International Context (PowerPoint 97 Format)
  • LECTURE 5: Global Strategy: A Synthesis (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 5: Global Strategy - A Synthesis (PowerPoint 97 Format)
  • LECTURE 6: Alternatives to FDI: Joint Ventures and Licensing (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 6A: Entry Strategies: Joint Ventures and Alliances (PowerPoint 97 Format)
    • Presentation 6B: Entry Strategies: Licensing and Strategic Alliances (PowerPoint 97 Format)
  • LECTURE 7: The Political Imperative in International Business (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 7A: Social Political Risk - 2007 (PowerPoint 97 Format)
    • Presentation 7B: Political Imperative - 2009 (PDF Format)
    • An Example of a Qualitative Political and Country Risk Assessment (HTML Format)

    LECTURE 8: The Role of Finance in International Business (PDF Format)

  • APPENDIX to LECTURE 8: The Basics of Exchange Rate Determination (PDF Format)
    • Presentation 8: The Role of Finance in International Business (PowerPoint 97 Format)
    • Presentation 9: International Human Resources Management (PowerPoint 97 Format)   Tell A Friend