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* Cardiovascular Risk Factor Overview and Management

* Cigarette Smoking, Cardiovascular Disease Risk, and Implementation Strategies for Smoking Cessation

* Coronary Heart Disease in Women (Dr. Karol E. Watson)

* CT Surrogate Measures of CVD

* CVD Definitions and Statistics 2008

* CVD Epidemiology Case Studies

* Establishing Preventive Cardiology Programs

* Epidemiology of Hypertension

* Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease (

* Hypertension: Improving Treatment and Control

* Hypertension Overview Clinical Trials and Management

* Inflammation, Infection and Cardiovascular Disease (

* Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease: Implications for Preventive Cardiology

* New Concepts in the Evaluation and Treatment of Dyslipidemia

* NCEP III Features Guidelines and Management

* Nutrition and CVD 2007

* Obesity and CHD

* Obesity -- a Weighty Problem (Dr. Stanley Bassin

* Obesity and Related Diseases in Childhood

* Obesity Guidelines and Clinical Management

* Pathogenesis of Acute Coronary Syndromes

* Physical Activity and CHD

* Primary and Secondary Prevention

* Research Study Design for Cardiologists

* Study Design Issues in Cardiovascular Epidemiology

* Statistical Considerations in Research Study Designs

* Subclinical Atherosclerosis Presentation (*

* Translating Evidence into Efficacy--Study Design Issues

* Women and Heart Disease (   Tell A Friend