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Medicine > Psychiatry, Neurology > Introduction to Mental Health and Disaster Prepare
 Introduction to Mental Health and Disaster Prepare  posted by  boym   on 3/24/2008  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Introduction to Mental Health and Disaster Preparedness

Thousands of hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans are bussed to refuge at a Red Cross shelter in the Houston Astrodome. FEMA photo/Andrea Booher


Cindy Parker

Offered By

Johns Hopkins Center For Public Health Preparedness



This presentation introduces the topics of disaster mental health services, mental health surge capacity, and psychiatric first aid.

This presentation's content is part of a non-credit, professional development training generated by JHSPH faculty and the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness.

The OCW version of this presentation comprises slides only. A full version, including synchronized audio is available at no charge by visiting the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness (registration required).


OCW offers a snapshot of the content used in courses offered by JHSPH. OCW materials are not for credit towards any degrees or certificates offered by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.   Tell A Friend