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Health Sciences > Infectious Disease > Epidemiologic Methods I
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Public Health 250A Epidemiologic Methods I

09:00-10:00 AM | 4 Le Conte
Instructor Arthur Reingold

Principles and methods of epidemiology: study design, selection, and definition of cases and controls; sampling, data collection, analysis, and inference. Discussion session provides an opportunity to apply methods to problem sets and to discuss issues presented in lectures. 

Lecture Archive

Mon 8/27 Introduction and Course Objectives
Wed 8/29 Epidemiology - A Brief History (Guest: W. Winkelstein)
Fri 8/31 Descriptive Epidemiology I - Assessing the Health of the Community
    Mon 9/3 Labor Day
Wed 9/5 Descriptive Epidemiology II - Mortality Measures and Patterns
Fri 9/7 Descriptive Epidemiology III - Measuring Morbidity
Mon 9/10 Social Factors in Health and Disease (Guest: L. Syme)
    Wed 9/12 No Podcast Today
Fri 9/14 Descriptive Epidemiology IV - Morbidity Patterns
Mon 9/17 Disease Distributions in Populations
Wed 9/19 Hypothesis Generation and the Epidemiologic Paradigm
Fri 9/21 Overview of Study Designs and Measures of Effect
Mon 9/24 Experimental Studies I: Individual Level Interventions
Wed 9/26 Experimental Studies II - Group Level Interventions
Fri 9/28 Cohort Studies I
Mon 10/1 Guest Lecturer - C. Studies
Wed 10/3 Some Ethical Issues in Epidemiological Research (Guest: W. Winkelstein)
Fri 10/5 Cross Sectional Studies
Mon 10/8 Case Control Studies I
Wed 10/10 Case Control Studies II
Fri 10/12 Nested Case-Control, Case-Cohort and Case-Crossover Studies
Mon 10/15 Ecological Studies
Wed 10/17 Summary of Study Designs
Fri 10/19 Confounding I
Mon 10/22 Confounding II
Wed 10/24 Effect Modification
    Fri 10/26 Midterm Exam
Mon 10/29 Selection Bias
Wed 10/31 Measurement of Outcomes and Exposures
Fri 11/2 Information Bias and Consequences of Error
Mon 11/5 Interpreting Tests of Statistical Significance I (Guest: J. Ahem)
Wed 11/7 Interpreting Tests of Statistical Significance II (Guest: J. Ahem)
Fri 11/9 Studies that Combine Individual and Group Level Variables (Guest: J. Ahem)
    Mon 11/12 Veterans Day
Wed 11/14 Causal Inference I
Fri 11/16 Causal Inference II
Mon 11/19 Meta Analysis (Guest: C. Steinmaus)
    Wed 11/21 No Lecture
    Fri 11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday
Mon 11/26 Screening I
Wed 11/28 Screening II
Fri 11/30 Choosing the Best Study Design
Mon 12/3 Surveillance
Wed 12/5 Outbreak Detection
Fri 12/7 Using Data on Risk and Concluding Remarks   Tell A Friend