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Rosenfield, Donald, 15.792J Proseminar in Manufacturing, Fall 2005. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), (Accessed 10 Jul, 2010). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Manufactured automobile.

The rapid tooling technology shown above is used in the manufacturing of items such as appliances and automobiles. (Image courtesy of Department of Energy.)

Course Highlights

This course features a syllabus as well as a listing of guest speakers through the class history.

Course Description

This course provides an integrative forum for operations and manufacturing students and is the focus for projects in leadership, service, and improvement. It covers a set of integrative manufacturing topics or issues such as leadership and related topics, and includes presentations by guest speakers such as senior level managers of manufacturing companies. The subject is largely managed by students. Primarily for LFM Fellows and Masters students interested in focusing in operations and manufacturing.

*Some translations represent previous versions of courses.




  • Pro-Seminar Course Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Course Requirements
    • Professional Standards
    • Current Schedule
  • Community Service Project Overview
  • Quick town hall afterward

Course Overview

  • Learn from current leaders of various organizations in diverse industries
  • Explore topics not included in our regular curriculum
  • Apply leadership skills in a project to improve the Boston, MIT, Sloan or LFM communities
  • Open to LFM, and MBA Operations students and engineering MS students
  • Lasts for Fall Term and Spring Term (Time slot will change during Spring 2006 term)

Course Requirements

  • Regular Attendance - even if you are a listener
  • Participation in discussions
  • Readings and Preparation as suggested
  • Grading is Pass/Fail!

Professional Standards

  • Prompt Attendance
  • Business Casual Attire
  • Full and Courteous Attention
    • Laptop use for note taking only
    • Bring your name card for the benefit of the speakers
    • Please remain for duration of lecture
    • Please avoid eating and drinking during lecture
    • Turn off your cell phone

Optional Service Project

  • Most classes have completed projects
  • Group or individual projects
  • Concept is service
  • Multiple types of projects are acceptable
  • MIT Public Service Center has some ideas

Sample Projects

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • MIT Cambridge Science Expo
  • Operations Class for local high school
  • Greenhouse project



Much of the content for this course comes from a set of guest speakers. The following is a list of speakers from the Fall 2005 term, and an archive of past speakers is available below.

Fall 2005 Calendar

ses # speakers companies
1 Don Rosenfield: Course Introduction MIT
2 Steve Cook Dell (Director, Nashville Operations)
3 Don Rosenfield: Marketing Lecture MIT
4 Len Baxter General Motors (Director, Advanced Vehicle Development Center)
5 Tom Hutton Sikorsky (Senior VP, Operations)
6 Ben Goss BAE Systems (LFM Alum)
7 Managing Director Foxconn Austin
8 Mike Ryan Leadership and Ethics Course
9 Rick Cohen C&S Wholesale Grocers (CEO)

Spring 2005 Calendar

ses # speakers companies
1 Don Rosenfield MIT (Director, LFM Fellows)
2 Rick Dauch American Axle (VP)
3 Paul Winter Pace Local # (Harley) (Pres)
4 Jan Klein Internship
5 Chip Goodman American Medical Concepts (Founder)
6 Ken Gieser UMASS (Prof.)
7 General Peter Pace USMC (Vice Chairman, JCS)
8 Jai Haku Intel (VP)
9 Jeff Wilke AMAZON® (VP)
10 Bill Anderson Biogen Idec (VP, Finance, Business Planning)
11 Michael A. Fury Dupont EKC (VP, R&D and Engineering)

Fall 2004 Calendar

ses # speakers companies
1 Don Rosenfield: Intro Lecture MIT
2 George Conrades Akamai (Chairman and CEO)
3 Tomi Lahcanski Kodak
4 Stephen Cook Dell
5 Len Baxter GM (Director, Vehicle Development)
6 Tim Copes Boeing (IDS VP, Quality and Mission Assurance)
7 John Boyd UTC - Hamilton Sunstrand (VP, Operations)
8 Mary Puma Axcelis (President and CEO)
9 Dick Hunter Dell (VP, Manufacturing Operations)
10 Rick Cohen and Reuben Harris C&S Wholesale Grocers (Chairman and CEO/Vice Chairman)
11 Bret Smith S&S Cycle (President)
12 Jan Klien and Tom Kochan MIT

Spring 2004 Calendar

ses # speakers companies
1 Vic Firth Former BSO Procussionist and Business Owner
2 Penny Carver Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) (Senior VP)
3 Chris Theodore Ford (VP, Product Design)
4 Prof. Cooney MIT Chemical Engineering Professor
5 Prof. George Stephanopoulos MIT ChemE Prof, former CTO Mitsubishi Chemical
6 Mark Lundstrom CEO, BioScale, Inc. (LFM Alum)
7 Brett Bissel (LFM alum) and Mike McNamara (COO) Flextronics
8 Craig Belnap Alcoa
9 Rod Copes Harley Davidson (LFM Alum)
10 Prof. Raju Executive Director MIT Pharmaceutical Mfg. Initiative
11 Bill Dalton PA Consulting
12 Todd Jackson Boston Scientific (VP, Operations)

Fall 2003 Calendar

ses # speakers companies
1 Don Rosenfield LFM
2 Timothy J. Copes Boeing
3 Steve Cook and Jennifer Felch Dell
4 Gerry Ellson and Eric Stevens GM
5 John Deutch MIT
6 Buzz Hargrove CAW
7 John Boyd UTC (VP)
8 Gill Eapen Decisions Options Inc.
9 Rick Cohen C&S Groc.
10 Jim Champy Perot Consulting
11 Jan Klein and Tom Kochan MIT

Spring 2003 Calendar

ses # speakers companies
1 Benjamin Zander Boston Philharmonic (Conductor)
2 Richard Locke Global Markets
3 Greg Papadapolous Sun Microsystems (CTO)
4 Greg Collins Flextronics (VP, Northern China Ops.)
5 Clay Christensen HBS Professor
6 Jeff Wilke AMAZON.COM® (VP, Operations)
7 Brad Newman Cap Gemeni Ernst & Young
8 Dick Hunter Dell (VP, North America Operations)
9 Prof. Dan Roos MIT Engineering Systems Division
10 Tom Deusterberg Mfg. Alliance/MAPI (CEO)

Fall 2002 Calendar

ses # speakers companies
1 Dr. Ashok Nayak Alcoa
2 Dick Hunter (VP), John Egan and Steve Cook Dell
3 Tom Kochan MIT Professor
4 John Boyd Hamilton Sundstrand, UTC (VP)
5 Rick Cohen (CEO) and Reuben Harris (EVP) C&S Wholesale Grocers
6 Tim Dinwiddie Flextronics Asia (VP)
7 Doug Field Segway (VP)
8 Jamie Bonini Toyota, Former GM, Tritec Engine
9 John Casey Electric Boat (VP)
10 Hollie Schmidt Boston Cure Project (VP)
11 Ellie Goldratt Author   Tell A Friend