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 Knowledge Management Systems   posted by  member7_php   on 3/31/2009  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Knowledge Management Systems


This unit provides a detailed coverage of knowledge management concepts and methodologies which includes knowledge creation, knowledge architecture, and knowledge codification. The knowledge management tools and knowledge portals as well as the notions of knowledge transfer in the E-world are discussed. 


The aims of this unit includes the broad understanding of the following areas of Knowledge Management Systems:

  • Knowledge Management Systems Life Cycle.
  • Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Architecture.
  • Capturing Tacit Knowledge
  • Knowledge Codification
  • System Testing and Development
  • Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge Transfer in the E-World
  • Learning from Data
  • Knowledge Management Tools and Knowledge Portals
  • Managing Knowledge Workers 


Elias M. Awad, Hassan M. Ghaziri, Knowledge Management, Pearson Education Inc., Prentice Hall (2004).

Please note that these `Lecture Notes' (including all figures and tables) are adapted from the above mentioned textbook.

Reference Books

(1) Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Avelino Gonzalez, Rajiv Sabherwal, Knowledge Management Challenges, Solutions, and Technologies, Pearson Education Inc., Prentice Hall (2004).   Tell A Friend