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Law > General Law > Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
 Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice  posted by  member150_php   on 3/13/2009  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Legal Studies 163 Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice

04:00-5:30 PM | 155 Dwinelle
Instructor Franklin Zimring

Legal Studies 163 - Fall 2007 - This course examines the premises, doctrine, and operational behavior of juvenile courts, particularly in relation to the commission of seriously anti-social acts by mid-adolescents. Topics include the history of theories of delinquency; the jurisprudence of delinquency; the incidence and severity of delinquency; police response to juvenile offenders; the processes of juvenile courts and youth corrections; and reforms or alternatives to the juvenile court system.

Lecture Archive

Mon 8/27 Legal Studies 163 - Lecture/Podcast Not Available
    Wed 8/29 Changing Conceptions of Child Welfare (podcast not available)
    Mon 9/3 Labor Day
Wed 9/5 Edelman, American Government and the Politics of Youth
    Mon 9/10 Patterns of Youth Crime - Film - No podcast
    Wed 9/12 Institutions for Kids -- Labels and Trends (podcast not available)
    Mon 9/17 A. Laub, A Century of Delinquency Research and Delinquency Theory (podcast not available)
Wed 9/19 Farrington and Loeber, Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders
Mon 9/24 Rosenheim, AThe Modern Juvenile Court
Wed 9/26 The Evolution of Juvenile Courts
Mon 10/1 Status Offenders
    Wed 10/3 Film - No Podcast
    Mon 10/8 Toward a Legal Theory of Adolescence (Film - No Podcast)
Wed 10/10 The Implications of Semi-Autonomy on Punishment
Mon 10/15 Adolescents, Guns and Punishment Policy
Wed 10/17 Transfer to Criminal Court
Mon 10/22 Doek, A Modern Juvenile Justice in Europe
Wed 10/24 Morita, Juvenile Justice in Japan: A Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspective
    Mon 10/29 Midterm
Wed 10/31 Is Teen Pregnancy a Status Offense?
    Mon 11/5 Lecture Not Available Due to Technical Problem
    Wed 11/7 Lecture Not Available Due to Technical Problem
    Mon 11/12 Veterans Day
    Wed 11/14 A 16-Year-Old Voting Age? - Podcast Not Available Due to Technical Problem
    Mon 11/19 Juveniles Who Commit Murder - Podcast Not Available Due to Technical Problem
    Wed 11/21 Legal Studies 163 - No Lecture
Mon 11/26 Minority Over Representation
Wed 11/28 Legal Studies 163 - Lecture 28
Mon 12/3 Legal Studies - Lecture 29
Wed 12/5 Legal Studies 163 - Lecture 30   Tell A Friend