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CDAE 06-Energy Alternatives

Lecture notes

Term:  Spring 2004

January 26-Introduction to World Energy

Feb 2-nuclear          nuclear group ppt      

Feb 9-Geothermal     Ground source heat pumps

Feb 23-Fossil Fuels

March 1-solar thermal and PV    PV system design

March 8-hydro    micro-hydro for home systems

Electricity and electro-magnetism

March 15-Spring Break: Dominica renewable energy workshop

March 22- Intro  Biomass, biodiesel, wood

March 29-Wind intro, Wind overview & Cape wind, Denmark, Vermont, Wind and developing countries

April 5 Ocean: OTEC  tidal/waves,

Hydrogen intro,   fuel cell intro,   Fuel cell cars,   hydrogen disadvantages 

April 12- Efficiency Vermont, Energy Efficiency

April 19- Heinberg (Party's Over), Chapter 1-3 

Cornucopians/Cassandras: Why is Simon a Cornucopian?

April 26-Heinberg (Party's Over), Chapter 4-6,  Cornucopians/Cassandras

May 3-Energy Policy   Tell A Friend