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 Information Law and Policy (Three Day Delay)  posted by  boym   on 4/19/2008  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Info 205 Information Law and Policy (Three Day Delay)

02:00-4:00 PM | 202 South Hall
Instructor Pam Samuelson

Info 205 - Spring 2008 - Law is one of a number of policies that mediates the tension between free flow and restrictions on the flow of information. This course introduces students to copyright and other forms of legal protection for databases, licensing of information, consumer protection, liability for insecure systems and defective information, privacy, and national and international information policy.

Lecture Archive

View archived webcast Mon 1/28 Overview of the Course
View archived webcast Mon 2/4 Copyright Protection as Applied to Compilations of Data
View archived webcast Mon 2/11 Technology and (Mis)appropriation of Data
      Mon 2/18 Presidents Day
View archived webcast Mon 2/25 Mass Market Licensing of Data Compilations
View archived webcast Mon 3/3 Consumer Protection and Information Licensing
View archived webcast Mon 3/10 Liability for Defective Information
View archived webcast Mon 3/17 Balancing Employer/Employee Interests: Copyright and Patent Default Rules
      Mon 3/24 Spring Break
      Mon 3/31 No Lecture
View archived webcast Mon 4/7 EU Approach to Information Privacy Protection
View archived webcast Mon 4/14 US Approach to Information Privacy Protection
      Mon 4/21 Privacy of Electronic Communications
      Mon 4/28 Unsolicited Email as Computer Trespass
      Mon 5/5 Government Mandate to Filter Indecent Content
      Mon 5/12 Net Neutrality   Tell A Friend