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Geography 570

07 Winter: Term 2; 3 Credits  URL:

Instructor: B. Klinkenberg Room 209 (822-3534) 

The class is scheduled to meet on Tuesdays at 1:00 - 4:00.

This course will cover a variety of topics of interest to those seeking more in-depth knowledge of GIS and ancillary topics such as remote sensing and spatial statistics. The exact range of subjects changes from year-to-year, depending on the specific interests of the students. Some of the topics which were covered in previous years include:

Historical background of GIS and its contextual setting today
(academic / technological / commercial)
Geocoding and coordinate systems
Raster / vector data structures (Fundamental GIS concepts) Remote sensing: basic concepts / advanced concepts
Use of GIS by Indigenous groups Integration of remote sensing and GIS
GIS: ethical concerns and surveillance Decision making in a GIS context
Social/philosophical critiques of GIS Temporal GIS
Generalization Spatial sampling
Spatial interpolation Spatial statistics / geostatistics
GPS Landscape ecology and GIS
Error modelling and data uncertainty Fuzzy logic

The proposed schedule is based on a repeating four week schedule: two classes will be dedicated to detailed presentations by BK, one class will involve a field trip to a GIS company, and the fouth class will be a 'mini-conference' wherein members of the class present a short overview on a topic of their choice. Each presentee must provide a preliminary overview of their talk (e.g., a one page summary) the week before their presentation so that the rest of the class can get a sense of what will be presented.  The one-page overview will summarize the subject area and include some appropriate references, including some URLs referencing off-campus sites with information related to the subject area.. The overview should be emailed to me so that it can be posted on the course web page. Each student will give three presentations over the course of the term.  For general guidelines in preparing your presentation please refer to these presentation guidelines pages.

A final essay/project of 15-20 pages will complete the formal course requirements. The essay/project may include some practical work (i.e., GIS-based analyses), and will most likely be related to the student's thesis topic. The essay/project must be an original piece of work developed for this course. Students will have access to ArcGIS.

The UK Association for Geographic Information (AGI) home page contains some useful links, for example they have an online dictionary produced in conjunction with the AAG. The Scientific Literature Digital Library (citeseer) is a wonderful site that has many papers available in PDF or ps, and allows you to follow the cited references from paper to paper.

Material will be posted on the web as details of the class become finalized.

Schedule of Classes 2007/8 


Week Topic
Jan 8 First class -- decide on topics to be covered, mini-conference presentations, etc.
Jan 15 Topic: PPGIS, critiques of GIS, ethical considerations, and more.
Jan 22 Topic:Remote sensing and GIS integration
Jan 29 Topic: Multi-criteria, multi-objective decision making in GIS
Feb 5 Conference I: GIS and ?
  Presenter Topic   Presenter Topic
  Brooke Campbell Fuzzy logic in GIS   Matt Tomlinson RS > GIS workflow overview
  Tabitha Hui Species distribution modeling   Rory Tooke Combed RS & socio-economic data analysis
  Pano Skrivanos Incoporating TK into GIS   Josh van Loon Multilevel modeling
Feb 12 Field trip: NRCan
Feb 19 Reading Break -- No classes scheduled.
Feb 26 Conference II: Communication
  Presenter Topic   Presenter Topic
  Brooke Campbell Making effective and meaningful maps   Matt Tomlinson 3-D Vectorization in GIS
  Tabitha Hui Resolution and scale issues in GIS   Rory Tooke 3-D representations and models using LiDAR and GIS
  Pano Skrivanos Archaeological Potential Modelling – An Overview   Josh van Loon Geographically Weighted Regression
Mar 4 Topic: Spatial anlysis I
Mar 11 Topic: Spatial analysis II
Mar 18 Field trip: McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. Please be at the entrance to their office at L100 780 Beatty Street by 1:15.
Mar 25 Conference III: Applications of GIS
  Presenter Topic   Presenter Topic
  Brooke Campbell Common errors and fallacies in spatial analysis   Matt Tomlinson Landscape ecology and GIS.
  Tabitha Hui Quantifying the effects of error and uncertainty.   Rory Tooke Emerging applications for GIS in health mapping
  Pano Skrivanos Developing a spatial inventory.   Josh van Loon Issues related to the use of GIS in walkability research
April 1 Field trip (TBD): Hatfield Consultants
April 8 Last week of classes   Tell A Friend