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Chen, Sow-Hsin, 22.101 Applied Nuclear Physics, Fall 2003. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), (Accessed 07 Jul, 2010). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Applied Nuclear Physics

Fall 2003

Collision between deuterons and gold ions captured by the STAR detector.
An end view of collision between deuterons and gold ions captured by the STAR detector at Brookhaven's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). (Image courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory.)

Course Highlights

This course offers a complete set of problem sets with solutions and quizzes.

Course Description

The topics covered under this course include elements of nuclear physics for engineering students, basic properties of the nucleus and nuclear radiations, quantum mechanical calculations of deuteron bound-state wave function and energy, n-p scattering cross-section, transition probability per unit time and barrier transmission probability. Also explored are binding energy and nuclear stability, interactions of charged particles, neutrons, and gamma rays with matter, radioactive decays, energetics and general cross-section behavior in nuclear reactions.


Course Content


Fundamentals of nuclear physics and its applications for engineering students. Basic properties of the nucleus and nuclear radiations. The binding energy and nuclear stability based on liquid drop model; elementary quantum mechanical calculations of the bound-state energies, transition probabilities, scattering cross sections, and transmission probability through an energy barrier; deuteron problem and n-p scattering cross section; interactions of charged particles, gamma rays and neutrons with matter; radioactive decays; general properties of nuclear cross-section and applications.

References in the Order of Usefulness

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Course Requirements

Home Works 40%
Quiz 1 20%
Quiz 2 20%
Term Paper 20%


1-4 Basic Facts of Nuclei
5-9 Interaction, Transition Probability, and Crossection
10 Quiz 1
11-15 Passage of Ionizing Radiation Through Matter
16-17 Radioactivity
18-19 Alpha Decay
20 Beta Decay
21-22 Radiative Transitions
23 Neutron Cross-Sections and Applications
24 Quiz 2   Tell A Friend