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Health Sciences > Biochemistry > Biomedical Optics
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Bouma, Brett, Guillermo Tearney, and Johannes de Boer, HST.569 Biomedical Optics, Fall 2006. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), (Accessed 09 Jul, 2010). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Human eye schematic with labeled anatomy.

Diagram of the anatomy of a human eye. (Image courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a complete set of assignments.

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the physics and engineering of optical technologies and their applications in medicine and biology. It studies the propagation of light in tissue, bright field, dark field, phase contrast, DIC, fluorescence, Raman, confocal, two-photon, low-coherence, spectral microscopy, and speckle. The course also covers current trends in microscopy and optical imaging. This subject is appropriate for upper level undergraduates and graduate students in life sciences as well as engineering, and consists of lectures, seminars and occasional guest lectures. Grading is based on a mid-term and final report. The opportunity to pursue the implementation of the solution as a project in the following term is available.




The intention of the course is to develop a broad skill set for research in biomedical optics including the fundamentals of light-tissue interaction, technologies such as microscopy, lasers and fiber optics and issues related to animal and human research. The lecture series will also introduce current clinical and basic biology challenges that may be addressed by optical solutions. The students will prepare a report summarizing the critical issues of selected challenges and will propose technical solutions.

Recommended Texts

Hecht, Eugene. Optics. Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc., 2001.

Saleh, Bahaa, and Malvin Teich. Fundamentals of Photonics. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons, 1991.

Siegman, Anthony. Lasers. Sausalito, CA: University Science Books, 1986.

Grading Policy

Class Participation 20%
Two Reports 40% each


1 Introduction Brett E. Bouma  
2 Basics of Optics I Brett E. Bouma  
3 Basics of Optics II Brett E. Bouma  
4 Basics of Optics III Brett E. Bouma  
5 Basics of Optics IV Brett E. Bouma  
6 Light Propagation in Tissue Brett E. Bouma  
7 Propagation Modelling Brett E. Bouma  
8 Optical Components Brett E. Bouma  
9 Anatomy/Pathology I Guillermo J. Tearney  
10 Wellman Center Lab Tour   Mid-Term paper due
11 Optical Coherence Tomography I Guest  
12 Optical Coherence Tomography II Guest  
13 Anatomy/Pathology II Guillermo J. Tearney  
14 Cells/Histopathology and Microscopic Scattering Guillermo J. Tearney  
15 Cells/Histopathology and Microscopic Scattering II Guillermo J. Tearney  
16 Macroscopic Tissue Optics I Guillermo J. Tearney  
17 Macroscopic Tissue Optics II Guillermo J. Tearney  
18 Microscopy Guillermo J. Tearney  
19 Confocal/Endoscopic Confocal Guillermo J. Tearney  
20 Two-photon Microscopy Guest  
21 Polarization in Tissue Johannes F. de Boer  
22 Optics in Ophthalmology Johannes F. de Boer  
23 Absorption, Diffuse Reflection, Light Scattering Spectroscopy Johannes F. de Boer  
24 Raman, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Johannes F. de Boer  
25 Photo-acoustic Imaging Johannes F. de Boer  
26 Speckle and Weak Localization Johannes F. de Boer Final paper due   Tell A Friend