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Social Studies > Economics > Theory of Public Goods and Externalities
 Theory of Public Goods and Externalities  posted by  member7_php   on 4/7/2009  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Theory of Public Goods and Externalities


The main source of reading for this course will be a series of articles. Whenever possible, I will provide links from this website to electronic versions of these papers. For those papers that are not available electronically, I will try to arrange to get you photocopies. As the course progresses, I will also update my lecture notes up on the Web. Each lecture includes a series of problems. You will be required to work them and turn them in.   I have no objections to your working together, but I will ask you to turn in acknowledge any help that you have had.
We will sometimes discuss the answers in class, and  I will post answers for these problem sets after you have turned in your work.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes optimized for web-viewing

Lecture 1. An Introduction to Public Goods 

Lecture 2. Private Goods and Public Goods

Lecture 3. Independence of Allocation and Distribution

Lecture 4.  Lindahl Equilibrium 

Lecture 5. Externalities   

Lecture 6. Law'n Economics 

Lecture 7. Crowding 

Lecture 8. Traffic Congestion

Lecture 9.  Excludable Public Goods 

Lecture 10 Preference Revelation. 

Lecture 11 Groves-Clarke and Groves-Ledyard Mechanisms 

Lecture 12  Benefit Cost Analysis   Tell A Friend