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Humanities > Education > Teaching for good behaviour
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Teaching for good behaviour


  • Time: 10 hours
    Level: Intermediate



  • Introduction Resource
  • The quality of our teaching inevitably has an impact on the behaviour of our students. This unit considers some of the factors that can contribute to misbehaviour in the classroom and some of the steps...

1. Teaching and behaviour

  • 1. Teaching and behaviour Resource
  • The quality of our teaching inevitably has an impact on the behaviour of our students: a student who is busy learning is far less likely to think about misbehaving. Using a range of strategies, positive...

2. Lesson format

  • 2. Lesson format Resource
  • For some of our students, school can feel like a confusing and even frightening place. Those students who come from backgrounds where there is little structure need to be given a feeling of security if...

3. Lesson delivery

  • 3. Lesson delivery Resource
  • The way in which we deliver our lessons will have an impact on the students' interest and engagement in the work. If we appear enthused and excited by the subject that we are studying, then at least some...

4. Lesson content

  • 4. Lesson content Resource
  • To a certain extent, the actual content of your lessons will be dictated by the curriculum requirements. However, it should be possible to put across that content in an interesting, imaginative and creative...

5. Developing ‘engaging’ lessons

  • 5. Developing ‘engaging’ lessons Resource
  • Think of your students as fish, swimming around in the waters of the school. An engaging lesson gives you the bait with which to catch your fish. And once they are hooked on your bait, then misbehaving...

References and Acknowledgements

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