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Humanities > Anthropology > The Conquest of America
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Howe, James, 21A.441 The Conquest of America, Spring 2004. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), (Accessed 07 Jul, 2010). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Mariage des Indiens du Panama.

Mariage des indiens du Panama. (Image courtesy of Prof. James Howe.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a complete set of lecture notes and extensive bibliography of required and optional readings.

Course Description

In this course the conquest and colonization of the Americas is considered, with special attention to the struggles of native peoples in Guatemala, Canada, Brazil, Panama, and colonial New England. In two segments of the course-one devoted to the Jesuit missionization of the Huron in the 1630s, the other to struggles between the government of Panama and the Kuna between 1900 and 1925-students examine primary documents such as letters, reports, and court records, to draw their own conclusions. Attention focuses on how we know about and represent past eras and other peoples, as well as on the history of struggles between native Americans and Europeans.



Class Participation (25% of Grade)

You are expected to attend every class and to participate in class discussions. In addition, material will be introduced in lectures and class discussions that does not appear in the readings: you will be responsible for this material in written assignments and the final. Class discussion will account for at least an hour each week.

Papers (50%)

There will be several papers, spaced out over the course of the semester, and as is required for all HASS-Ds, the total pages will exceed 20. Two of the papers will involve the study and interpretation of primary documents. The papers will be due on Lec #4 (Mini-Essay on Las Casas); Lec #7 (Short Research Paper on the Colombian Exchange); Lec #16 (Essay based on the Jesuit Relations Reader); Lec #20 (Comparative Essay); Lec #25 (Essay based on Kuna reader).

Final Exam (25%)

To be given as regularly scheduled exam during exam week.



1 Introduction
The Americas before Columbus
2 The Spanish Conquest  
3 Discuss Las Casas
The Great Debate on the Nature of the Indians
4 Native Commentaries
Colonial Exploitation and Rule
Las Casas Paper Due
6 Class Presentations on the Colombian Exchange  
7 Missionizing the Americas Colombian Exchange Paper Due
8 (Partial) Film: The Mission.
Discuss Readings
9 Resistance and Rebellion in Colonial Latin America  
10 Film: Black Robe  
11 Colonization of North America, Fur Trade, New France  
12 Discuss Jesuit Relations  
13 Discuss Film: Black Robe  
14 Film: Wilderness  
15 Discuss New England Environment and Economy  
16 Discuss War
Jesuit Relations Paper
17 Discuss 18th and 19th Century Frontiers
Indians and the U.S.
Film Showing: Civilization
18 Independence, Frontiers and Extraction in 19th Century Latin America  
19 Films: Spirit of Kuna Yala,
Just us Kuna
20 Historical Research
Discuss Kuna Materials
Comparative Essay Due
22 Discuss Kuna Materials  
23 Indian Activism and Organizing  
24 Film: Out of the Forest
Discuss Film and Kayapo
25 Discuss Kayapo Kuna Paper Due
26 Brazilian Films, Discuss Kayapo  
27 Indians: Images and Ideology  
28 Films, Wrap-up   Tell A Friend