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Connor, Jerome, 1.571 Structural Analysis and Control, Spring 2004. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare), (Accessed 08 Jul, 2010). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Structural Analysis and Control

Spring 2004

Graph illustrating curvilinear formulation.

Graph illustrating curvilinear formulation, excerpted from section 2 of the course notes. (Image courtesy of OCW.)

Course Highlights

This course site features lecture notes, as well as a downloadable version of Analysis of Structural Member Systems, a classic textbook written by Prof. Jerome Connor.

Course Description

This course uses computer-based methods for the analysis of large-scale structural systems. Topics covered include: modeling strategies for complex structures; application to tall buildings, cable-stayed bridges, and tension structures; introduction to the theory of active structural control; design of classical feedback control systems for civil structures; and simulation studies using customized computer software.


Course Structure

This course is composed of two major components.

Component 1 - Advanced Structural Analysis

This component builds on knowledge obtained in a basic structural analysis course to provide an understanding of analysis and design more complex structures. Topics covered include curved members, analysis and design of cable structures, and non-linear analysis of trusses and members.

Component 2 - Introduction to Structural Control

This component presents an introduction to the theory of structural control using computer-based methods for the analysis of large-scale structural systems. Focus is on design and implementation of control algorithms for structural systems subjected to quasi-static and dynamic loading.


Connor, Jerome J. Introduction to Structural Motion Control. Prentice Hall, 2002. ISBN: 0130091383.


Connor, Jerome J. Analysis of Structural Member Systems. Ronald Press, 1976.


Problem Sets 50%
Test 1 25%
Test 2 25%


1 Straight Member Equations - Linear Theory  
2 Straight Member - Matrix Displacement Formulation Problem Set 1 Out
3 Curved Member Equations - Linear Theory  
4 Curved Member Equations - Matrix Formulation Problem Set 2 Out
5 Review Problem Set 1 Due
6 Center of Twist, Center of Mass  
7 Cable Equations Problem Set 3 Out
8 Cable-stayed Systems Problem Set 2 Due

Problem Set 3 Due

Problem Set 4 Out
9 Beam on Elastic Foundation: Application to Cable-stayed Bridges  
10 Non-linear Analysis - Truss  
11 Non-linear Analysis - Truss (cont.) Problem Set 4 Due

Problem Set 5 Out
12 Elastic Stability Criteria - Truss  
13 Non-linear Member Equations, Elastic Stability of Frames  
14 Test 1 Problem Set 5 Due
15 Introduction to Active Control  
16 Quasi-static Control Problem Set 6 Out
17 Quasi-static Control (cont.)  
18 Actuator Technologies  
19 Introduction to Dynamic Feedback Problem Set 6 Due

Problem Set 7 Out
20 No lecture Problem Set 7 Due

Problem Set 8 Out
21 State-space Formulation, SDOF  
22 State-space Formulation, General Solution Problem Set 8 Due

Problem Set 9 Out
23 Stability, Time Delay  
24 LQR Algorithm Problem Set 9 Due

Problem Set 10 Out
25 Test 2  
26 State-space Formulation, MDOF  
27 State-space Formulation, MDOF-Modal Formulation Problem Set 10 Due   Tell A Friend