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Earth Sciences > Energy Resources > Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy 

Lecturer: Aleksandra Djurisic, Rm 315, CYM Physics,  

Tutor: Alan M. C. Ng, Rm 314, CYM Physics,  


Mock exam questions and answers 

Students has been randomly divided into groups of 4 for presentation session. Two of the students are assigned to experiment A and the other two are assigned to experiment B.

Group list

Presentation timeslots 

Students will be emailed individually for the contact information for their groupmates. Students doing experiment A will need to register for their timeslots. Registration for timeslots are on first come, first serve basis. Please email the tutor after you have communicated with your groupmates.  

Available timeslots 

There will be demonstration sessions for experiment A. Students who are doing experiment A are welcome to join any sessions. For lab manual for experiment A, please see the link for Details of experiment below.

(Note : The demonstration  sessions are not complusory) 

Time and venue for demonstration :

Feb 20,  14:00 - 15:00 (Wed) , CYM Physics Building Room 206

Feb 20,  16:00 - 17:00 (Wed) , CYM Physics Building Room 206

Feb 23,  11:00 - 12:00 (Sat) , CYM Physics Building Room 206

 Demonstration of experiment B will be conducted during class. For lab manual for experiment B, please see the link for Details of experiment below. 

Continuous assessment (50 %)

10 min. presentation (30 %) and a 5 page report (20 %).

10 min. presentation - 4 students per group (2 students from experiment group A and 2 students from experiment group B) The presentation should cover working principles of solar cells and experimental results (real or virtual (java) lab).

Details of experiments

Report topics:

1. Future of solar photovoltaics
2. Solar illumination
3. Advantages and disadvantages of biomass energy
4. Wind energy
5. Potential of applying renewable energy technologies in Hong Kong.

Sample report

Deadline of the report

Lecture notes

The following topics will be covered:

1. Energy crisis  

2. Hydroelectric power

3. Biomass

4. Wind power

5. Tidal and wave energy

6. Solar energy - solar thermal energy, solar illumination, photovoltaics.

Extra notes : Organic Solar Cells

7. Geothermal energy

8. Fuel cells

9. Integration, economic considerations, and environmental significance   Tell A Friend