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Law > Public Interest Law > Environmental Law and Policy (Three Day Delay)
 Environmental Law and Policy (Three Day Delay)  posted by  boym   on 4/19/2008  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Law 271 Environmental Law and Policy (Three Day Delay)

11:00-12:30 PM | 140 Boalt
Instructor Holly Doremus

ELP 271 - Spring 2008 - This introductory course is designed to explore fundamental legal and policy issues in environmental law. Through examination of environmental common law and key federal environmental statutes, including the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Air Act, and Clean Water Act, it exposes students to the major challenges to environmental law and the principal approaches to meeting those challenges, including litigation, command and control regulation, technology forcing, market incentives, and information disclosure requirements. With the addition of cross-cutting topics such as risk assessment and environmental federalism, it also gives students a grounding in how choices about regulatory standards and levels of regulatory authority are made.

Lecture Archive

View archived webcast Mon 1/14 What is Environmental Law? Insights from Ecology and Economics
View archived webcast Tue 1/15 The Role of Values
View archived webcast Tue 1/22 Common Law Environmental Doctrines
View archived webcast Mon 1/28 Common Law Versus Public Law
View archived webcast Tue 1/29 Introduction to Standing
View archived webcast Mon 2/4 Standing (con't) - Ripeness, Exhaustion, and Mootness
View archived webcast Tue 2/5 Judical Review
      Mon 2/11 No Lecture
View archived webcast Tue 2/12 Introduction: Nepa and the Power of Information
      Mon 2/18 Presidents Day
View archived webcast Tue 2/19 Major Federal Actions Significantly Affecting the Environment
View archived webcast Mon 2/25 Contents of the EIS - Evaluationg NEPA: Other Information Based Strategies
View archived webcast Tue 2/26 NEPA Continued
View archived webcast Mon 3/3 Risk Assessment and Management
View archived webcast Tue 3/4 From Risk Assessment to Regulation
View archived webcast Mon 3/10 Air Quality Criteria and Standards
View archived webcast Tue 3/11 State Implementation Plans
View archived webcast Mon 3/17 Make-up session: Grandfathering and New Source Review
View archived webcast Mon 3/17 Automobile Emissions and Technology Forcing
View archived webcast Tue 3/18 Tradeable Emission Permits
      Mon 3/24 Spring Break
      Tue 3/25 Spring Break
View archived webcast Mon 3/31 Introduction and Overview: The NPDES Program
View archived webcast Tue 4/1 The Scope of NPDES Regulation - con't
View archived webcast Mon 4/7 Effluent Standards for Point Sources
View archived webcast Tue 4/8 Nonpoint Source Pollution - Water Quality Standards
View archived webcast Mon 4/14 Introduction: Civil Enforcement
View archived webcast Tue 4/15 Criminal Enforcement
      Mon 4/21 Citizen Suits
      Tue 4/22 Historical and Theorectical Background: Cooperative Federalism
      Mon 4/28 Sources and Limits on Federal Power
      Tue 4/29 Preemption   Tell A Friend