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Law > Law, Science & Technology > Technology and Intellectual Property in Law (Video
 Technology and Intellectual Property in Law (Video  posted by  boym   on 3/23/2008  Add Courseware to favorites Add To Favorites  
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Instructor Pamela Samuelson

Law 278.31: Technology and Intellectual Property in Law. This course will cover the principal features of U.S. copyright law: what is (and is not) copyrightable subject matter, the originality and fixation requirements for copyright protection, ownership and transfer of rights issues, the scope of protection that copyright law affords to works of authorship, limiting principles, exceptions, and defenses to infringement, standards for judging direct and indirect infringement, and remedies available in copyright lawsuits. Both statutory and common law developments will be considered, as well as neighboring rights such as anti-circumvention rules. Current controversies about the contours of and theoretical underpinnings of copyright and the public domain will be discussed. Comparative copyright law and international treaties affecting copyright law will also be given some attention. Students who have previously taken an introduction to intellectual property law are eligible to take this course. IP is not a pre-requisite for this class. Lectures available as streaming video at


View archived webcast     Tue 1/10 Introduction to Copyright and the Course
View archived webcast     Thu 1/12 Baker v. Selden: Distinguishing Authorship and Invention
View archived webcast     Thu 1/19 What Does Copyright Protect?
What Does 102(b) Exlude?
View archived webcast     Tue 1/24 Ownership of Copyrights
View archived webcast     Thu 1/26 Copyright Formalities
View archived webcast     Tue 1/31 Constitution Challenges to Extended Duration of Copyrights and Restoration of Foreign Copyrights
View archived webcast     Thu 2/2 Renewals and Terminations of Transfers
      Tue 2/7 Interpreting Copyright Agreements as to Applied to New Technologies (No Webcast)
View archived webcast     Thu 2/9 Pictorial, Sculptural, and Graphic Works
View archived webcast     Tue 2/14 Computer Software
      Thu 2/16 No Webcast
View archived webcast     Tue 2/21 Architectural Works and Databases
View archived webcast     Thu 2/23 Elements of Infringement and the Reproduction and Distribution Rights
View archived webcast     Tue 2/28 The Importation Right and Substantial Similarity
View archived webcast     Thu 3/2 The Derivative Work Right
View archived webcast     Tue 3/7 Moral Rights in US Law and the Public Performance and Display Rights
View archived webcast     Thu 3/9 Direct and Indirect Infringement
View archived webcast     Tue 3/14 Inducing Infringement; Criminal Infringement
View archived webcast     Thu 3/16 The Fair Use Limitation on Copyright
View archived webcast     Tue 3/21 Fair Use and New Technologies
View archived webcast     Thu 3/23 Consumptive Uses as Fair Use?
      Tue 3/28 Spring Break
      Thu 3/30 Spring Break
View archived webcast     Tue 4/4 Infringement Lawsuits
View archived webcast     Thu 4/6 Remedies for Infringement
View archived webcast     Tue 4/11 Technical Protection Measures and Anti-Circumvention Rules
View archived webcast     Thu 4/13 More on Circumvention Rules
View archived webcast     Tue 4/18 State Law Theories of Protection and Federal Preemption
View archived webcast     Thu 4/20 Copyright Misuse   Tell A Friend