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Evaluating school classroom discussion 



  • Introduction Resource
  • This unit draws attention to the value of a sociocultural understanding of spoken language in the processes of teaching and learning. It focuses upon how language can be used for persuasion, control and...

1 Language as a tool for social action

  • 1.1 Persuasion, control and argument Resource
  • The Reading below contains examples of interaction that you may or may not be familiar with. The book that it comes from is concerned with how people use language in many kinds of situations to solve problems...
  • 1.2 Development through dialogue Resource
  • Now read Chapter 6, ‘Development through dialogue’, of the set book Words and Minds. As you read, pay special attention to:

2 Evaluating classroom discussion

  • 2.1 Evaluating discussion Resource
  • The discussion of talk amongst children in Chapter 6 of Words and Minds is concerned with the adequacy of that talk for ‘getting things done’. The next activity will allow you to attempt a reduced version...
  • 2.2 Evaluating discussion (continued) Resource
  • The quality of discussion amongst students can be evaluated by carrying out the following activity.

References and Acknowledgements

  • References Resource
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