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Astronomy 150

Week Reading
Lecture Notes Lab or Homework
1 Ch. 1 & 3 (2 optional) Introduction to Solar System
Fundamentals for Planetary Studies
Planetarium, Introductions
2 Ch. 1 & 3
Spacecraft Classification [optional reading]
Interplanetary Trajectories [optional reading]
GOEF (Gravity, Orbits, Energy, Forces)
Basics of Spacecraft
The Physics of the Universe in a Toy
Kepler's Laws: Introduction (worked on in lecture)
On Kepler's Laws and Getting to Mars (worked on in lecture)
3 Sec. 4.1, Ch. 17
BSF*: Ch. 6.1 - 6.6
Reflectance Spectroscopy
Birth of the Planets
Reflectance Spectroscopy
4 6 Comets Characterizing the Nucleus of a Comet (done in lecture)
Exam 1
5 4, 5, 6
Asteroids , and Meteorites
Link to the Meteorite Images
Cratering and Crater Density
6 7, 8 Formation and Evolution of the Moon
Earth and Moon
To The Moon Video Part II and discussion
Geologic Mapping: the Moon (done in lecture)
"To the Moon," Part I in sections
7 9 [1] Mercury
Comparative Planetology: Earth
Atmospheric Escape (done in lecture)
Phases of the Moon
Exam 2
8 11, 10, 12 Mars
Venus (May 27)
Martian Topography LINKS
MEET in OUGL collab 2 for sections
9 13, 14, 15 The Giant Planets (June 3)
Moons of the Giant Planets (May 29)
Rings around the giant planets (May 29)
No sections this week.
10 16, 18 Extra-Solar Planets (June 5)
Astrobiology; SESP's and SETI's (excluded this quarter -- but interesting reading nonetheless)
Moons of the Giant Planets LINKS! (Sections meet in OUGL collab 2)
51 Pegasi: Discovery of a New Planet (done in lecture)
Exam 2   Tell A Friend