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Social Studies > History > The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich (three day d
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History 167B The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich (three day delay)

09:30-11:00 AM | 160 Dwinelle
Instructor Margret Anderson

History 167B - Fall 2007 - The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich Click on "Course Website" to access additional material.

Lecture Archive

Tue 8/28 Introduction: the German Question (podcast not available)
Thu 8/30 The Setting: The "First Reich" (Holy Roman Empire)
Tue 9/4 The Prussian Tradition
Thu 9/6 Enlightenment in Politics? Frederick the Great
    Tue 9/11 No Podcast - Class Discussion - Frederick II & Enlightened Absolutism
Thu 9/13 The Impact of Napoleon; Romanticism
Tue 9/18 Slide lecture: Romanticism: C.D. Friedrich & Others.
    Thu 9/20 No Podcast - Class Discussion - The Essence of Romanticism?
Tue 9/25 The Age of Metternich: 1814 - 1848 (technical problem - audio has static)
Thu 9/27 The Revolutions of 1848
    Tue 10/2 No Podcast - Class Discussion - Self-Government, German Style
    Thu 10/4 Midterm 1
Tue 10/9 The Rise of Bismarck to 1866
Thu 10/11 The 2nd Reich
    Tue 10/16 No Podcast - Class Discussion - Blood and Iron: Causes of the Franco-Prussian War
Thu 10/18 Outsiders in the New Reich I: Culture War Against the Catholics (The Kulturkampf)
Tue 10/23 Outsiders in the New Reich II: Class War Against the Social Democrats
    Thu 10/25 No Podcast - Class Discussion - German Workingmen and Women
Tue 10/30 Outsiders in the New Reich III: The Jews of Central Europe and Antisemitism
    Thu 11/1 No Podcast - Class Discussion - A Murder Case and a Case of Genocide
Tue 11/6 Race in a Mult-Ethnic Empire
Thu 11/8 Slide Lecture: Viennese Culture between Tradition and Modernism
Tue 11/13 Wilhelmine Germany: A Special Path (Sonderweg)
    Thu 11/15 Origins of World War I: Long Term - No Podcast
Tue 11/20 Origins of World War I: Encirlement, Balkan Crisis, Countdown
    Thu 11/22 Thanksgiving
    Tue 11/27 No Podcast - Class Discussion - What Caused World War I
Thu 11/29 A German Way of War? Atrocities and Military Dictatorship
    Tue 12/4 No Podcast - Class Discussion - A Garman Way of War?
Thu 12/6 Dying by the Sword. The Fall of the Hohenzollern and Hapsburg Empires: From the Second Reich to the Third   Tell A Friend