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Introduction to Microbiology

From Atoms to Cells

Tools of the Laboratory

Methods for Studying Microorganisms.

The Bacteria and Archaea

Eukaryotic Cells and Microorganisms.

An Introduction to the Viruses.

Elements of Microbial Nutrition, Ecology

Microbial Metabolism

Microbial Genetics.

Genetic Engineering: Molecular Biology.

Physical and Chemical Control of Micro

Drugs, Microbes, Host

The Elements of Chemotherapy.

Microbe-Human Interactions

Infection and Disease.

The Nature of Host Defenses.

The Acquisition of Specific Immunity

Immunization and Immune Assays.

Disorders in Immunity.

Introduction to Microbiology

Humans and the Microbial World

The Molecules of Life

Microscopy and Cell Structure [2]

Dynamics and Prokaryotic Growth

Control of Microbial Growth

Metabolism: Fueling Cell Growth

The Blueprint of Life, from DNA to Prot

Bacterial Genetics


The Diversity of Prokaryotic Organisms

The Eukaryotic Members

Viruses of Bacteria

Viruses, Prions, and Viroids

The Innate Immune Response

The Adaptive Immune Response

Applications of Immune Responses

Host-Microbe Interactions


Antimicrobial Medications

Scope and History of Microbiology

Microscopy and Staining

Prokaryotic VS Eukaryotic Cells

Essential Concepts of Metabolism

Growth and Culturing of Bacteria

Microbial Genetics

Recombinant DNA and Genetic


Introduction to Bacteriology

Eukaryotic Microorganisms & Parasite

Sterilization and Disinfection

Antimicrobial Therapy

Host-Microbe Relationships

Epidemiology & Nosocomial Infection

Nonspecific Host Defenses

Basic Principles of Specific Immunity

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