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Earth Sciences > Geography > Physical Geography Lab
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Physical Geography Lab


Course Outline


        Instructor:               Carol Jean Cox

       Office  :                       S107 @NCC

Office Hours:              MT TH 2-4pm or call and email for an appointment

       Office Phone:              (530)274-5291

        Web Page      


Your knowledge of the course material will be evaluated through attendance and two practicum.


·          Participation & Completion of Lab Exercises(120 pts.)  Each student will receive 10pts for each class attended – provided that the exercise (s) for the lab period are complete and that the student is present at the beginning and end of the lab period.


·    Practicum There will be a mid-term and final practicum or test of your knowledge (50 pts. each).  These exams will be based on the lab exercises.  Make-ups will be given only in the event of a documented medical emergency.  No exceptions to this policy will be made. 


      Test Return/Review Tests will be returned to the students with evaluation and review within two weeks of the test administration.   Upon return, the tests will be reviewed in class for student learning.   Often the return time is much shorter depending upon class size.  The instructor personally examines each student’s work individually.  This takes a great deal of time, but results in greater accuracy of evaluation.  Students are encouraged to discuss their exam questions individually with the instructor.


·    Extra Credit Points  may be offered for student participation in approved outside environmental events, projects, related field classes or internet projects. 


      Extra Credit may not substitute for quality of work on lab exercises and practicum.  The student must earn their appropriate grade, however, if a student is borderline between grades, the instructor will use these extra credit points to the advantage of the student.


·    Grades are calculated on a percent scale: 88% =A, 75% =B, 62% = C, 50% = D


Points Breakdown - Please keep track of your points and retain all returned exercises.  You may also wish to come by my office during an office hour for a computer print-out of your current grade.


                     2 Practicums @ 50pts each                           100


Attendance / Lab Exercices                           120


                                                                                 Total    220 pts.


Evaluation of the student in the issuance of final grades is at the discretion of the instructor.




·    Attendance is expected at all class sessions.  Come to class prepared and on time.  Students with inconsistent attendance may be dropped.  


      Your attendance is a critical component of the learning process.  You cannot expect to succeed if you do not attend regularly.    Even missing one lab can be detrimental to your success.  You are responsible for all material when absent.  Validation of an absence is not necessary except for long-term medical absences.  Students must obtain any missed information from a fellow student in attendance.  Please note that labs cannot be duplicated in subsequent classes.  However, if you are ill and contagious, please do not attend in consideration of others.


·    Tardiness/Leaving Early – late arrivals and early departures distract both the instructor and your fellow learners.  If you repeatedly disrupt the class through this inconsiderate behavior, you will be asked to leave the class.  You will not receive points for your attendance should you come in late or leave early.


·    Work Submissions - Late work, if accepted, will be severely penalized .  All assignments are due as assigned.  Class assignments should be written very neatly and proofread, and edited.


·         Cheating/Plagiarism - Students are responsible for reading and understanding the Sierra College student handbook that outlines college policy regarding plagiarism and other forms of cheating.  All answers on lab exercises, tests, or outside assignments must be your own original work.  Copying of the text, another student’s work, the internet or any other outside source will result in a failed grade.


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